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A Look Over At 2017 New Tesla Model 3 From Various Aspects

By August 23, 2014Uncategorized

Coming to the features, Tesla this time in the new model hasn’t lot focused on bringing some ultra new features but rather it has worked on the electronic and software features. It has tried to enhance those features which the customers found missing in the previous Tesla model. The company since it was bringing its best EV vehicle shifted its attention more on the performance, safety, interiors and reliability of the feature than introducing the new features.


Now the performance of the new upgraded Tesla model 3 price is something to admire. It`s quick, fast and being an electric vehicle, picks up the fastest speed within seconds. Perhaps, no other company or brand in this segment gives the buyer this type of performance in this price and segment.  The engine of the car is supported by the water- cooled electric made cars that boost up the speed of the car within through the single, direct drive transmission speed system.

The model S 60 of Tesla is rated with the 315 horsepower along with the 325 pound- feet of torques and moreover Tesla estimates that the vehicle can reach the fastest speed within 60mph in less than 5.5 seconds. Since with other EVs, the driving style also changes with change in ranges.  The company also decreases the range by 3 percent if the Model S 60 is also equipped with 21 inches wheels.


The interior of the car is also laden with latest dynamic features that would ideally be fit for a family. The center of the car contains a colossal touchscreen which contains all the ancillary functions of the car. The front and rear seating space in the car is umpteen but a slight discomfort can be felt by tall passengers in the rear seat due to the roof of the car. Though the front seats are comfortable but they still lack the multitude of adjustments ( like the comfort, support) which ought to be a present in the luxury sedan car.  The seats in the car also has a multitude of features in its seatbelt and no other function was required.

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As far as the safety or the features that render safety to the passenger is concerned, the new model of Tesla S is also bestowed with many features. The standard safety features in the car is a head, knee along with pelvic airbags for front passengers, along with front and rear passengers.  The current model of the car, have full stability and control and advance safety features like the crash sensors for high voltages disconnection, antilock disk brakes,  rear view camera.

Moreover, in the government tests conducted on the car, the 2015 Model of the company Tesla earned all 5 stars in the total crash test. The car got all five stars for the total front impact safety feature and five stars for the total side safety. Since the upgraded Tesla model or the 2016 model is in term of basic or fundamental specifications, this model is also expected to secure five stars in the crash test.